Raising Livestock to Earn a Profit

Raising Livestock to Earn a Profit

Livestock and even exotic pets can be a great way to generate extra profit. Meat, milk and fur are all assets that can be sold. Some are even pretty cheap to raise. Here are the best livestock to raise to earn a profit.


Rabbits are no doubt adorable and can make a great, fuzzy pet, but did you know they are also profitable animals? Because of their small size, they require little room and eat cheaply as they can subsist on extra vegetables from the garden or non-expensive, store-bought feed. Rabbit meat is becoming increasingly popular and it can be difficult to find. Raising rabbits for meat will surely earn you a nice penny. They breed multiple times a year and females can become pregnant again within hours of giving birth.

Much like the meat, rabbit pelts are currently in high demand and supply is low. People use the pelts for their craft projects or make them into clothing such as hats or coats. You won’t make a fortune, but a pelt might sell for roughly $10, depending on your area of demand.


Most people will shy away from raising pigs as they have a bad reputation for being dirty, smelly livestock. On the contrary, they are actually clean animals and won’t have a pungent smell as long as they have enough room to move around. They have a low cost of raising because they can be fed table scraps and housed in a makeshift pen or yard.

The more land you have the lower the cost of feed. On average, you will get around eight to 10 piglets every four to six months and they take around six months to mature. Pork is currently running around $2 a pound and depending on the type of pig you raise you can get around $100 for a whole pig.


Honey Bees

Bees? That’s right! Honey bees are categorized as unique livestock and the best part is they are free! All you need to start raising bees is a shelter, like bee boxes; a water source such as a birdbath, and a suit for when it’s time to harvest honey. People love to buy honey for allergy and food purposes and it can easily be sold at local farmers markets.

Preventing the decline of bees has been a concern for over a decade now, but did you know most states will give you a tax break if you raise bees? You can find out the requirements of your state here.



Who doesn’t love goats? Goats are small, require little room and are generally inexpensive to feed. The benefits of goats for profit are endless. Not only are they adorable, you can earn money from their meat, coat and milk, which is used to make cheese and soap.

Caution: goats are skilled escape artists. A good fence to keep them in their intended area is a necessity.



Raising cows isn’t for the first-time farmer, but the outcome can earn you a pretty penny. Two acres of land per cow is what’s recommended with rotating pastures. Common uses for cows are milk, cheese and the obvious beef production. Cows are ready to be used for meat at around one year old and depending on the market can be sold for around $2,000 (dependent upon the weight of the cow and location). Be sure to do your research and find out the regulations for producing, slaughtering and selling your own beef.

If you’re not into raising cows for meat, consider getting a dairy cow. There are multiple breeds that are specially used for dairy purposes and can be easily found. People will pay extra money at farmers markets for fresh, hormone-free milk, making your profit that much better.