Sell Farmland This Spring and Summer

Spring and summer are the typical land buying times. Most folks don’t purchase in the winter for a number of reasons - snow covers a good portion of the landscape, the blooming flowers and trees are dormant, and hunting season has just ended.

Land improvements are the key to selling a property quickly and profitably. Perhaps you didn’t buy the place initially just to resell, but regardless of your intent, we have an overview of suggestions as to how you can increase attractiveness to the property.

Fix Fences and Gates

We mention this first because it’s an element that makes the difference between a “kept up property” and one that’s gone by the wayside. Plus, someone who buys and sells land for a living might see an opportunity to make a low offer on a place it appears you want to get rid of quickly. This applies to gates as well. Put ‘em back on their hinges. Chain lock them closed and have a way to pin them back when opened, such as an additional chain that wraps around a fence post.

Plant Flowers and Trees

Winter is the time to plant, trim and relocate trees because they are dormant. Plant trees around houses and other structures where people spend ample time. Maples and oaks grow to become great shady trees to spend hot days under. They can also serve to create a great first impression around the entrance or front gate of a property.

If you’re looking to help increase whitetail presence, plant nut- and fruit-bearing trees. Feeders help for parts of the year, but can be a financial burden if you’re not careful. Let nature help supply some of the food.

It’s quite early to plant flowers; wait until after the last frost. But it’s not too soon to begin planning your flower beds. Go ahead and choose your flowers, quantity, tools and fertilizer. That way, when the time comes, you’ll spend less time piddling around the local flower store and more time planting.

Clear Trails

Heavily wooded tracts of land will typically have an overlap of foot paths and ATV paths. These should be cleared at least once a year, especially toward the beginning of spring to clean up all the branches and other debris brought down by winter ice and winds. Carry a pair of pruning shears and an extended saw to clip hard-to-reach branches.

If you're looking to sell farmland this spring or summer, be sure to keep trails clean.
If you're looking to sell farmland this spring or summer, be sure to keep trails clean.

Lay Gravel

Wet winters are hard on gravel driveways and roads. With large volumes of rain and snow comes massive erosion and it’s always the rural property owners that suffer the most damage. A few ruts never really hurt much, but who likes a bumpy ride? Roads are the veins of the property, keep them running smooth and clean.

Pick Up Trash

Of course, you don’t litter the land with trash or let bits of garbage blow away on windy days. But if that does happen, get it cleaned it up. Also, check the ditches on the roads leading to the property. Garbage is going to end up there somehow. You’ll be doing a favor for the county, your neighbors and the land in general by riding around and filling up a garbage bag or two.

Fill Your Feeders

Implement feeders if you can. If you’re including hunting as one of the selling points, it’s important to keep wildlife on the property. Fill your feeders in the winter and keep them running through the summer. This is especially important for the potential hunter/buyer. His purchase is for the land itself and the wildlife that inhabits it. Also, have recent trail camera photos or mounts of trophies on hand to display the land’s potential as a hunting hotspot.